When Pete Dooly spotted a Trivia Hump Day conversation on Twitter, he thought it was one of his friends having a good time.

"One of my favorite things to do these days is play trivia," he said in a previous post. "The answers can range from obscure or just fun facts; the questions are usually mostly good-natured; and you have the added bonus of spending time with friends! And so we go out to some different bars every night of the week and just try to play for the fun of it."

But, apparently, this has not always been the case.

"I've spent some time with a few of the people in question, and I wouldn't say that I remember everyone playing at that table as of last night," he said in the Tweet, which included an image of the group.

Haleigh Klein is new to trivia and her fellow Trivia Hump Day players were, so she started questioning a few of them about who had not been paying attention.

"Can you name the last James Bond movie that was good?" she asked several.

"That's in 2022," replied a few.

The responses were ones that would make any trivia or movie fan cringe.

"Jame Swann [sic] really wasn't a victim of Dominique Strauss-Kahn," Klein said. "He's far more prominent than DSK."

"Or that I am unemployed, and no one plays Trivia because of this," one man wrote.

"If he did? How many people knows he did it?" one woman added.

"I will be the fourth straight James Bond to come through our couch," Dooly's response concluded.

Haleigh went on to tell some of the other people playing Trivia Hump Day that she would never "play trivia with the biggest loser ever."

Dooly didn't quit there. He took a random retweet from the original joke Twitter account and replied with a take that sounded pretty familiar.

"And now you are now supposed to enjoy yourself and be good to us?," he wrote, also sharing photos of the men who played Trivia Hump Day.

Are you surprised by the reactions of the Trivia Hump Day Twitter users?

"It took me a few minutes to realize it was actually happening," Dooly said in an email. "Then I wondered if there was actually any evidence that anyone who had spent that much time playing trivia actually played an event like this. These guys did not come across as some polished, real Trivia Jokers. But it was all done in jest, and most of us have been doing this for over a decade so it's a fun tradition to do. Also, more people should. My wife enjoys playing trivia, and it has become one of her favorite activities."

What do you think? Did anyone really offend at the table?


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