Until yesterday, there was no concrete definition of “recovery.” The 3,000-word report released by President Trump’s opioid commission on Monday served as a release “stand-in” to resolve the “lingering confusion, uncertainty and a sense of uncertainty surrounding what it means to recover from addiction,” according to the Reuters report. The statement titled “A Step in Recovery: What Recovery Looks Like” failed to contain a specific answer to one of the most pressing questions surrounding recovery — when does it start?

It took a reporter to ask the commissioner, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, about the need for a concrete definition for “recovery.” “To talk about recovery as a new process, I think, could lead to confusion,” Adams told reporters, according to Fox. “Recovery, to me, is taking care of yourself as well as your loved ones.” Adams also tried to separate the concept of recovery from drug addiction. “Recovery is seeing your loved one get help and receive treatment,” he told reporters. “Recovery is also the progression through treatment where you are no longer using.”

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