Sketch: ‘Brexiteer says the bloke was “a big vote” for Remainer in Tory talks to avoid a General Election’ — The Drum () February 14, 2020

Michael Gove has got it right on half of this one. The bloke he was talking about, described as a “bloke”, was a “big vote” for an under-prepared Prime Minister if it meant negotiations with the EU were derailed – not just delayed but ultimately wrecked because the Tories would have lost.

Right. This is what all sides want. Less bad polling for everyone. That’s what will make Brexit happen. There’s a chance the EU could choose to back down, and it’s now May’s job to keep all her MPs in line. If she can’t negotiate Brexit as a leave or the Remain vote, then you can kiss goodbye to those two things.

That is exactly what we had in mind when we described the sort of deal that could be negotiated. But as soon as we said there was a chance the EU could choose to back down and negotiate a better deal for Britain, the “Bloke” said a “big vote” meant the Remainer had “booby prize”. Which pretty much sums it up.

This is only slightly tougher than swatting flies. Except the flies are non-stop Blokes in suits, making deals with other banks that do no publicise themselves because they prefer “building bridges” rather than just “writing cheques”.

Oh, the money we could make off these fly-swatters. It’s the sort of rhetoric that makes the pretty flaky Remainer “bloke” proud.

"When it comes to replacing the Chequers proposal, he's going to be in the vanguard of this campaign." New official line from Greg Clark and Greg Hands — Fabian Zuleeg () February 14, 2020

The title has never been clearer.