When I was growing up, I always wished I could use a device that set reminders for me without making me actually go to the task. Fortunately, with the new reminder-based app called Remember, it’s now possible to do just that.

For starters, remember brings reminders to you just from your macOS’ Spotlight. Launch the app from the menu that appears on Spotlight, and start typing out a task in the text field. Once it’s finished, you can share it to the cloud and it’ll be sent to an email address, or send it to your phone via Bluetooth, depending on your devices.

When you’re ready to do it, it’ll be replaced by a reminder in Spotlight. There are a few options to generate them: It can be reminders based on calendar events, tasks, trips, travel or more.

What’s more is that forget it lets you set reminders from any location: You can have reminders sent to you from your iPhone while you’re on the train, or sync them to your Mac through iCloud. In fact, you can set reminders for the entire world – it’s all about being connected.

When you’re done with your task, tell it to dismiss it from your reminders bar. Once that happens, you can forget it and it disappears. Your reminders will be kept in your iCloud or the cloud, and you can have them synced to your other devices.

For now, remember is currently available for free on the App Store. However, you can turn it off to get that one task out of your way. Remember can be a fun addition to your Mac.



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