Organizers of a pro-Trump news site announced Feb. 18 that it is relaunching next week after it was dropped by several major platforms for violating their terms of service.

The Daily Stormer is scheduled to launch on Friday with new legal staff to secure the site’s legal standing, as well as a renewed purpose, said the site’s editor, Andrew Anglin. “We’re not going to try to create another site that will go down in flames like Jewdar,” Anglin told the Guardian.

Anglin lost access to a number of platforms after his articles on January 12 caused outrage among the Jewish community, which decried the site’s article, “Debunking the Anti-Semitic Lies of the Anti-Fascist Mob,” about demonstrators in Charlottesville who he claimed were exploiting a deadly hate crime to attack members of the Jewish community.

The site has been active on the internet for many years, yet Anglin said the fresh launch is part of an attempt to take back some of the narrative that the site has been co-opted by nationalists like Richard Spencer and that it has become a site for neo-Nazis.

“We’re reclaiming the idea that we are a supportive outlet and that the alt-right is not an ideology,” Anglin said, noting that his site doesn’t “subscribe to nationalism, racism or anything like that.”

The Daily Stormer has also been working with liberal tech entrepreneurs on how to avoid future platforms dropping the site for violating their terms of service, said Peter Thiel, a Silicon Valley billionaire who helped pay the legal bills of Stormer editor Milo Yiannopoulos and is a political ally of Donald Trump.

“Why not have a different, neutral host?” Thiel said during an interview about his pro-Trump and libertarian leanings with Wired. “Why don’t we just sit there and say, let’s just have conversations around this? ‘Good idea, let’s do it. Let’s talk about this.’”

Thiel didn’t offer specific suggestions, such as which company might be appropriate to host the site, but he did note that sites like Voat, which has good policies about free speech, and News Community, which Thiel said is willing to accept money from people “who say they aren’t hostile to free speech,” are possibilities.

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