Being responsive, flexible and agile at every stage of the project or design process creates the opportunity to have much-needed changes made over the course of a project, from conception to testing. Managing the projects over this transition – making changes as soon as the changes become clear, rather than at the end, when it is too late – enables much faster implementation and improvement. To support this, a solution must make it possible to control the quality of design decisions.

That is the overall goal of Due, the online design marketplace. The Responsive Environments layer, powered by a combination of Google Cloud’s App Engine and the real-time JavaScript Core database, solves the problem of poor quality design decisions, while supporting the D&M process (design analytics), in line with Due’s commitment to providing a problem-solving approach to business problems. Instead of managing and monitoring design decisions, Due’s Responsive Environments creates a single tool, not only monitoring the quality, but also the rate of variation and speed of change. The D&M tool and AI allow engineers and designers to provide rigorous feedback to themselves, as well as to other teams. The design and engineering teams in a project can collaborate in real time by using both views simultaneously, tracking their decisions and sharing feedback and information on how they were made.