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Rolls-Royce, the UK maker of aerospace and defence products, has announced plans to mark the 25th anniversary of its most successful ever engine, the Trent 1000.

The company, which has been testing the engines since the 1990s, said it had seen “extraordinary growth” in its use in commercial aviation, especially around the world in high-density sectors such as long-haul and regional air travel.

The Trent 1000, which is now entering the production phase, has a range of power output and thrust levels from 150,000 pounds to 190,000 pounds.

The latter is planned to be flown by Rolls-Royce’s customer on the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 aircraft, the world’s largest passenger jet, on the first flight from London to Singapore next month. The Trent 1000 is among the larger passenger engines offered for use in the A380 and was most recently unveiled in October 2015.

The 15 Trent 1000 engines being tested now by Rolls-Royce are expected to have an input of between 120,000 and 150,000 pounds. The company has already delivered four of the more powerful units.