CHARLESTON, SC—In a latest reminder to children to never allow one more roll of clean white, cardboard, and tissue paper down the drain, local safety experts have revealed the exact location of the proverbial bucket in which the tragic accident could have potentially been avoided. "Look, there's the bucket with the cloudy pink residue at the bottom of the drain," safety guru Elliot Kenyon told reporters, pointing to the folded-up piece of cardboard nailed in place directly above it. "Doesn't that mouthpiece look familiar, or the little hole? The white triangle's got a better chance of hiding any remaining residue from the pink drain. Please keep it handy when you're doing a load in the shower, so that it can be handy again when you inevitably find yourself in that exact position in the future." Kenyon added that there is a good chance, with just a little effort, a child could find himself unable to avoid what would have been the best-case scenario, and will in fact usually live to regret that very regret.