Saint-Gobain is invested in improving its performance at its Newark plant, after discovering a series of issues that included erratic production, missed deadline starts, and an inefficient management structure. A report from the company’s Office of Facility Services noted that all of these issues needed to be addressed by Saint-Gobain.

Stakeholders were told of the improvements they would be required to make. In the letter, the company’s global real estate officer noted that Saint-Gobain would be spending an additional $1.5 million on materials, chemicals, equipment, and personnel to add equipment and improve quality. Additionally, the firm was required to change out five senior managers from within the facility, as well as replacing management data systems.

For Saint-Gobain, it was a significant turnaround. “We know it is a bold step but we need to be transparent with our stakeholders to fully achieve the standard of excellence our clients expect,” the company said in a statement.

Saint-Gobain’s Letter to the Chicago Tribune regarding its Newark Plant.

As Saint-Gobain highlighted in its letter, whether or not you’re considering a move into a major manufacturing plant isn’t the determining factor of its success. In an industry as capital intensive as the one it operates in, it is what’s going on behind the scenes that will make or break a company. Clearly Saint-Gobain realized that it needed to be in tune with its employees and those in the surrounding community. Now the plant’s staff, and their potential clients, can count on Saint-Gobain to set a standard for future improvement at Saint-Gobain facilities all across the United States.