Salman Khan was recently rushed to hospital for the flu after complaining of respiratory problems. Initially, he was diagnosed with dengue, but his team later informed that his blood tests also showed elevated levels of the virus Coronavirus.

Salman Khan’s close friend Dattoated Dutt, shared some news about Salman Khan’s health and said that Salman has been feeling bad after some time and getting more fatigued every day.

It seems that Salman was visiting his mother Salma on Thursday evening when he started feeling unwell. It was then he was rushed to a local hospital in Mumbai for treatment of congestion. The hospital later said that he was admitted with dehydration. However, Salman Khan is doing okay now. While we do not know the exact diagnosis but Salman was struck by the virus over night.

He was first diagnosed with the flu virus, and then his team of doctors examined his blood samples. The blood tests also showed that he has Coronavirus and although the virus has been found in his blood, he is not seriously infected.

It is a known fact that Salman Khan has high blood pressure, which makes it impossible for him to avoid being infectious with other people. Salman is known to mingle with people freely and for years, he has been repeatedly infected with viruses like viruses that cause dengue, Chikungunya, West Nile, Enclovirus, and the Influenza.

Well, we hope Salman Khan recovers. We hope he gets better, whatever his body reacts is up to his body.

Image: Inset: Infographic