The Galaxy S10 will be coming out in a few months, and we’re expecting a powerful smartphone. The specs will include a dual camera system, a large 5.8-inch screen, and 4G LTE. But there will also be a novel feature that the makers have added this time around – Bluetooth short range transfer, or Blunt Stream Wireless Transfer.

Bluetooth Short Range Transfer (Blunt Stream Wireless Transfer) is an easy way to share files, music, and other data over Bluetooth. Right now, many smartphones make use of Blunt Stream Wireless Transfer when the phone is powered on and connected to a Bluetooth speaker – and the volume device can be plugged into the device.

Samsung’s version is different. Simply open the settings menu on your phone, and you’ll be presented with a Bluetooth menu. Plug the headphones or speakers into your phone, and the phones will automatically get ready. The content will be transferred via sound and music and will be sync and shared with anyone of your Bluetooth-enabled devices. The process will only take a couple of seconds, and it will sync content to the device at the moment of transfer.

The feature is perfect for sharing files with big families and people across different countries, but it will be especially handy for creating a speaker library that goes across devices. But, it’s not just about audio – imagine that you upload a work of art to your gallery or Dropbox and the S10’s Blunt Stream Wireless Transfer will switch your phone from speaker mode to camera mode just a minute later.

The new feature uses beamforming technology to maximize connection range, and block out any interference in the area.

Samsung made the Blunt Stream Wireless Transfer option available for users of its earlier Galaxy phones, too. The US version of the Galaxy S10 will reportedly get it right from the start, but we’ll find out when the device is officially announced in a few months. As an added bonus, if you want to get your hands on the Galaxy S10 in the US for about $720, you will also get a Galaxy Buds Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds that support Bluetooth Blunt Stream Wireless Transfer, too.

Samsung’s smartphone might just be the most powerful when it comes to Bluetooth Blunt Stream Wireless Transfer feature. It is so much easier than using the standard method, and has loads of other added features such as the customizable notification LED. If you don’t have a fancy multi-user family on your hands, the Galaxy S10 might be the perfect device to help you share with others.

Update: According to Samsung, you can get the Blunt Stream Wireless Transfer feature now for new Galaxy phones. Check out the details here.