The Samsung Galaxy S20 might have a massive 6.5-inch screen, and could sport a Snapdragon 855 processor, but the new phone should still have this neat bluetooth-sharing feature.

Smartphones should support bluetooth speaker and smart speaker pairing just like it’s done with Samsung’s Bixby Link feature on its phones.

The Bixby Link app on the Samsung Galaxy devices lets you add a Bluetooth speaker to your phone, and when it hears the ‘OK Google’ command, the Bixby app’s features will light up. The feature does what Siri has always wanted: automatic voice activation for different phones. The feature even works for music. So you can ask Bixby to ‘play Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin’ and your iPhone will respond by being able to stream the music on any other bluetooth speaker.

You can now directly control AirPlay Music through Bixby! Create your Bixby Link, authorize the device, and set up the connection by any Bixby shortcut on your device. — Samsung Mobile () February 5, 2018

Recently, Samsung CEO Koh Dong-jin explained that “We will be introducing features like Galaxy hub that let you easily control your appliances with your voice and will also be introducing initiatives to make your home smarter.” The new system in the Galaxy S20 appears to be the same one.

If you want to set up Bixby Link on your phone with Samsung’s smart speaker, the Tab S4 is the right option. The Tab S4’s helpful assistant, Home Hub, lets you ask questions and control your smart devices with Bixby.

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