Written by Staff Writer at CNN Shari Vogel, Special to CNN

Sharon Osbourne is often seen with her trademark frizzy blonde hair, but the 65-year-old "X Factor" judge recently revealed on her Instagram that she's receded into the role of matriarch by getting a Brazilian wax .

Osbourne is a fan of the Brazilian and is rarely seen without one on screen.

And in her new post, she hit the nail on the head when she tweeted she got a wax for "shear logic."

She is currently in the midst of an adoption process to adopt a son with her partner, TV producer Ozzy Osbourne, and in addition to another white boy (last year Osbourne tweeted that she planned to "have mine be black").

Fortunately, for those who prefer a white lady, Osbourne has pledged to dye her hair "once a year," always sticking to her decades-old Afro.

But the famous lady known for her razor sharp wit, came under fire from some commentators who complained her post would encourage women to undergo more dangerous breast procedures.

Osbourne reminded those concerned with her hair-loss that her (now) long locks had more-or-less disappeared after a bout of melanoma several years ago.

"Enjoy your nipple but let's not compare," she concluded.