Humour Blog: ‘The Arabian sand boa strongly resembles a small child’s best effort at drawing a snake’

Today’s regular humour blog doesn’t run to the usual suspects: Bo Selecta? That’s not a real band? Sacha Baron Cohen? Anna Richardson? (Yeah, sorry — Guy Martin.)

But every once in a while we come across something so bizarre, we feel the need to mention it. Which, this week, it was – a photograph of a pet boa constrictor called the Arabian sand boa.

Stuart Wood, a freelance photographer, posted the photo on Reddit on Tuesday, which, from the side, seems to be a fairly ordinary sand snake.

But not so for the pet rock-wielding owners who claim they bought the boa – which is native to the Amazon rainforest – as a gift for their daughter, in 2010. They live in Huntington Beach, California.

The photo sparked a social media frenzy – more than 1,000 comments, some from snake experts such as Dave Salmoni.

But was the boa an accident? Or were they deliberately taking a risk? Salmoni’s best advice – watch your step.

“Snake owners from Hawaii to El Paso contact me for their snake troubles every day,” he said. “And while some are extremely fine-tuned and look identical in many ways, some just don’t have the consistency of consciousness.

“They love the snake and we love to learn more about it – but an untrained eye can easily miss signs that don’t reveal themselves for months.”

If the owners were taking risks, Salmoni said, there were, of course, dangers involved.

“The Arabian sand boa is one of the most venomous snakes on earth, with a lethal salivating venom, and one thing not to do is let kids near the snake or any other poisonous animal,” he said.

“Whatever you do, don’t show the pictures to young kids.”

(As a rule, trying to take a photo of a pet is rather akin to watching a cat on crack. The higher you try to film it, the smaller it gets. Not this boa’s fault.)

(Image: Reddit/DanzButevil)