With around 7,000 people on blood donations from the U.S. on lockdown and the Korean Air plane their target, security services are increasingly watching home devices to track global threats. National Security Agency workers are even monitoring such smart home devices as dozens of foreign nationals begin to fly to South Korea for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, according to Reuters.

So now the government can track travelers from inside their homes, in real time. This kind of surveillance is now all the rage among large companies like Facebook and Google who have invested billions in artificial intelligence. But other firms have been working on smart phones in a bid to keep up with the technological innovations.

Phone makers Motorola and Motorola Solutions have produced high-tech solutions in the hope to combat any threats. Headphone plugs are always plugged in, but a special “smart headphone” lets the government monitor not only who is using it, but how they are using it. This allows the authorities to track iPhones and Android devices as they click through online sites.

Google also created a “smart watch” that was used to track bomb-plotters. According to Forbes, Google’s CTO said they knew of a phone being slipped inside laptops during 9/11, as terrorist hijackers left behind the appropriate change to their bank accounts. But Google realized that their original plan “may not have been the best idea” because they wanted to be able to monitor all smartphones, regardless of their manufacturer. So Google created a smartwatch that could be plugged in and tracked, with all information going to a secure Android app.

The Smart Q combines together smartphone, fitness tracker, and speaker. It can be used on phones and on smart TVs.

The Smart Q can be used as a phone, and a fitness tracker.

The application will allow the authorities to track how you are using your phone and how many times per day. That can help them detect anyone who may be gearing up for a bomb attack.

Both companies have developed similar products as a dual-use solution that can be used for both good and evil. But such hi-tech devices, it seems, will certainly pose a threat to our privacy.

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