Pocket, Once Said 'Congratulations', The New Meerkat

What could be better than shooting and sharing loops of your most zany posts? So long as you get the fact that, in order to get active on the social media platform, you’ll need some serious pockets.

A new app has caught my eye this week called Byte. If I had to describe it in one word, it would probably be “eyebally”. It is free to download and plays like an average Snapchat or Facebook which has just a filter or sticker.

But it takes it to the next level, as Byte features an interface that makes you feel like you’re watching some of the most talented webcam artists you have ever seen.

Here’s the first clip that I watched on Byte:

One thing I want to point out here is that we’re not talking about a new face-only camera app (as you can find like Amazing, (Uncool) or Mobi). It’s taken the whole “video shooting” side of using a webcam to its logical conclusion.

This is just a 3D face cam. You make the camera face up to the screen, or video in whatever way you like. There’s no need to attach anything to your face.

You can upload multiple clips from the same source, and each clip will auto title. So if you’re a filmmaker, this will be ideal for showcasing a bit of your crazy side, or showing the makeup effects you did for your next episode of Seinfeld.

You can also change the backgrounds of each clip. Just start by taking a photo of yourself, and then switch it to the picture of your face to start things.

This is definitely a fun tool to help you make your social media accounts look a bit more like you. So what’s next? I’m expecting that this will be developed and launched into an all inclusive VR app and will make it easier to share your content, make it feel like your phone at your doorstep (or on your face), and fit in with any social media platform you like.

The easiest tool that I’ve used to share short clips of my own social media accounts was called Clip. It lets you share a photo of yourself, and then weaves the creator through the video, giving it a little depth.

Unfortunately it didn’t offer anything beyond combining our footage together. So, like Byte, I’m sceptical of Duo’s announcement that it will be supported by Oculus Rift, and eventually Gear VR.

I guess I have my fears about the potential of the app. I’ve never seen an editor track something remotely like this.