“He’s draining the swamp. Who’s he draining?” Question is, who is the swamp draining? pic.twitter.com/RAck1cg8YL — Martin Shutt () February 18, 2019

It’s hard to ask why some people vote for Donald Trump, and get arrested for making noise in protest, but some people do. On Monday evening, after Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, a group of people marched on the White House, parading his name and demanding his impeachment, while chanting: “I am Mormon, and I am fighting against Trump!” The chants were the result of a movement by a group of Mormons from Utah, who claim that the fact that their church praises Donald Trump as a “strong leader” contradicts “a fundamental belief in the importance of unity, mutual respect, and high ideals,” according to an Unz Review post.

The protesters have also come out in support of a personal favorite of mine: David Mixner, a former Yale activist who famously campaigned on behalf of the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Mixner, after all, has been Donald Trump’s most fervent defender among progressive activists, often calling himself “the only person in the world who can get over the Trump barrier and spread Trump’s gospel.” Last week, Mixner talked up the idea of “sanctuary cities” that would ignore federal order and continue to serve refugees, adding that he believes that “if we don’t make the compromises, Trump will hurt all of us.”

Since Trump was elected president, anti-Trump protests have dwindled. The activist group Credo responded by encouraging people to draw inspiration from works of fiction, presenting a manifesto by Blade Runner author Philip K. Dick as a way to make their protest a moral one. “We don’t have time to wait for progress,” wrote a copywriter for the group. “We can’t spare any more time than this.”