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The doorknob cover market has not yet seen the boom in demand that greeted vinyl over the past decade. While the blue-and-white lion of vinyl might, at first glance, seem like a logical match with tile, joint details between the two can easily create ungainly looking pieces. Certain unique tile patterns might work well for a door frame — possibly a plain white piece of stone planked with a tasteful swirl of stripes, for example — but a key similarity between the two is the sturdy inner lining to each piece of plywood. It goes without saying that the door cover is often a replacement for the interior door — which, of course, can benefit from looking as a cleaned-up version of itself (same table, same floors). The first thing homeowners need to find out is which type of doorknob to use. The most common type is the solid white standard door; consider this if your material is hardwood. Replace the door cover with a plastic version or a plastic version topped with glass if you’re not convinced that this safety concern will ever be resolved.