Donald Trump has either broken the law, or is just constantly undermining any trace of credence that ethics complaints have in anything he does. This Friday he retweeted the address of a man referred to by news outlet Buzzfeed as the “Iranian whistleblower”. His user name is “exdad557674_” and he’s also on Twitter. It’s easy to say that this man is someone who leaked information to Buzzfeed about an unknown set of revelations, but there are many reasons to doubt this. The first one is that he might be a fake name and he might not be the man referenced in a Buzzfeed article. Also, that the account is fake, which is not a common thing to see, but it is not impossible. Finally, this man’s anti-Trump sentiments are so detailed and clear that he might not have used this account to purposefully spread information about Iran’s involvement in a violent terrorist attack that happened in 2017.

Here is the tweet he posted on Friday:

Ok – let’s say someone who is associated with the Trump administration wrote the words “Bush tried to undermine democracy” as directed at the then-President. Now let’s take it a step further and say that that person has committed a crime. This is not how a whistleblower is supposed to be hired. Most whistleblowers want to come forward to expose public wrongdoing, and this man is a US government employee who receives his salary from your tax dollars.

He is a longtime supporter of President Trump and seems to have worked as a lawyer in the Green Zone in Iraq during the first war.

Just to run the problem of which media outlet is connected to the reporting, the article he retweeted stated that “Trump — who has a history of distancing himself from critics and sycophants alike — has embraced his personal attorney Michael Cohen as his lawyer of choice.” This refers to Michael Cohen, who is known as Trump’s fixer and who, according to recent reports, has admitted to committing campaign finance violations as well as hiding $130,000 payments made to Stormy Daniels. The reports go on to claim that he “troubled” and “was not his favourite person”.

According to Buzzfeed reporter Adam Goldman, there is a lot of speculation that the man’s real name is Jarred Chang, who worked for the Army Intelligence and Security Command when he wrote the article. But Goldman doubts that Chang’s real name is Jarred Chang.

It’s easy to understand why the man named Jarred Chang might be upset, as he was a whistleblower against the forces of extremism and corruption in his country. He is an Iranian citizen and is of Chinese descent. When asked by BuzzFeed why he published information about Iran’s secret group which was threatening national security, he said: “I think they’re the people who are carrying out most of the killings and atrocities in Iran. So it makes sense for us to know what’s going on. I think that’s something we should all be talking about, not just us.”