If you've been toiling away in your bedrooms listening to Frank Sinatra, legendary Super Hans 88s and squawking chickens, Sonos just gave you a major reminder that there's life outside of your always-on, virtually indestructible pocket of sound.

In an effort to get Sonos users familiar with Google Assistant, which will start slowly rolling out to Sonos speakers in the next few months, the company has just announced a new feature called Voice Playlists, which will allow Sonos customers to search Sonos by voice by using the Google Assistant. Voice Playlists will allow you to ask Sonos what playlists you have available on any of its devices, and the Google Assistant assistant will be able to tell you which tracks to play next.

Right now, voice commands are limited to music and can be used for a variety of tasks. You can ask Sonos if "Awaken The Fire," Drake's latest single from his album Scorpion, is on the playlist, play an Amazon Music's Alexa Skills Guide playlist, or ask for the full run-down on Camila Cabello's latest single "Havana."

Sonos will be turning on Voice Playlists starting today through its voice control widget, Google Assistant's sidebar on your phone, on your Sonos One, Sonos Beam or Sonos Sub, or on your Sonos Home Amp. You'll be able to start using the feature within a couple of weeks and Sonos says it will continue to learn and adapt. The Assistant will be available to Sonos owners in "North America, Western Europe and Latin America over the next several months," according to the company's blog post announcing the feature.

The feature isn't available to everyone just yet, but it's likely soon to come to your favorite intercontinental dinner party.