Watch out Goldfish and Tim McGraw in our pantry, a new addition is on the block that's making us pretty mad. This guy is a fat pussy.

Just try to look away when he comes in looking all giant with his jiggling face and spraying his STINK and mess around with our jewellys and our snacks. YOWZA.

To be fair, this guy seems sort of like a Jeff Bridges character. Here's our hero leaving work.

To show you how much we've honed our skills as well (well, slightly) our Fast learner's guide.

Footage uploaded to YouTube last night has a whole load of people just saying we know exactly what he's up to. Watch his nice house below.

The group at home. A post shared by Timothée Chalamet () on Nov 9, 2016 at 4:10pm PST

Here's where this tasty blur comes in. One of our friends put his bag of chocolate potato chips into the fridge just to check. And they're spilling all over his bowl too.

But as soon as our food starts raining out onto the living room everything goes well. Little Fumet and slick!

Looks like it's time to dig a pot of Prosecco.

Look what can be done. You know what to do.

Dinner time. Time to turn him into a sexy sprite and watch him awkwardly swim around our pantry before bringing us his mashed sweet potatoes.

See what's really happened here.

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