Syracuse natives Charles Barkley and Aubrey Huff will not be appearing at the New York Giants' annual World Series reunion, according to sources, after the two were excluded from the team's World Series reunion, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Former Giants general manager Ernie Accorsi, current Giants vice president of player engagement Tony Dungy and a handful of former players will take part in the festivities, which will take place at Giants Stadium from March 5-8. A source told Yahoo! Sports that Barkley was initially selected as the center of attention, but that Huff could not be included.

A Giants spokesperson did not respond to the post, which cited two tweets that Huff sent over the past two years regarding the women he was pursuing in high school.

"This isn't the first time I have been a perfect victim of My Blog Stuff, But what's really Your Big Problem My Friend . .”

"This woman is not special, so all you people you guys should expect to see her at ur high school reunion in 2022 GURL."

Sources told Yahoo! Sports that the team considered the tweets in deciding not to include Huff, and that they were unaware the tweets were public. He was finally considered to be included by Accorsi and Dungy, who said they discussed the matter at Dungy's house. The Giants have the option to sever the relationship with Accorsi, and Dungy told one source he believes that they will do so.

It's unclear how many of the Giants have been aware of the specific tweets since these two standouts appeared to be the only two social media fails from the past two years. Sources said that they did not remember any other incidents in which high school girls were disparaged.

“I think a generation of players are aware of this. I think there will be more emphasis in those times to discuss these types of situations,” Dungy told Yahoo! Sports. “My guess is that people will say, ‘Oh my God, he’s a bumbler,’ but nobody does that to his face and he shouldn’t be judged that way. They brought him in to help them, to be part of this very special time, and they just need to be sensitive to what this is all about.”