There is no one-size-fits-all recipe when it comes to home cooking. Sprouting kale salad at the start of a week is not going to be as satisfying as following up a steak lunch with spaghetti carbonara the next evening. That's why preparation is so important.

There are hundreds of products on the market for kitchen storage, but only a handful of brands have made space for product labeling and easy inventory management. Today, these technology firms team up with retailers to create tailor-made menus.

Rachio, a veteran of the Amazon-Whole Foods merger, has designed a smart sprinkler system that can tell when it's time to water plants for your holiday event, so you can keep your irrigation schedule simple (and on track for the season).

Last year, Amazon set out to reinvent their grocery experience with Dash Replenishment Service, or DRS. It encourages customers to buy products one time, and then have them automatically refill, making your grocery shopping easier (and more convenient).

Vitrue is offering a platform of digital support for hair brands, like Living Proof. The platform gives personal recommendations based on an algorithm that models a user's personal interests, saving them from searching through product pages or engaging with category buyers.

In addition to real-time inventory tracking, MooYou is targeting "sustainable eating" by offering rich visual displays of ingredients to help in the kitchen (lending appeal to prep products like pasta, flour, and spices).

If you really are looking for a necessity, consider an Energy Recovery product. This business uses microwave heating technology to help cut down energy use in appliances and cutting costs on your utility bill.