In a YouTube video, you can watch the PSA for Dr. Dory Fontana, a urologist from Cape Cod, MA.

Getting a good physical and prostate exam is a normal part of a man's life.

While a regular prostate exam can detect and remove prostate cancer early, Dr. Fontana sees another patient regularly — Bruce Springsteen.

Dr. Fontana goes to see the Bruce Springsteen, who’s in the middle of his High Hopes tour.

When Springsteen opens his mouth, you can hear Dr. Fontana going, “Woah, dude!”

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Bruce Springsteen has been seeing urologist Dory Fontana for a while.

Fontana from Cape Cod, MA, is this year's annual "On the Wing" PSA and prostate exam partner with the doctor playing Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run."

While you may laugh, you may be at the doctor trying to do something sweet.

Bruce told Dr. Fontana he had a kidney stone and asked the physician if he'd carry it on-stage.

Fontana said Bruce thought that was very romantic.

" 'Well, let's talk about it after the show!' But I said, I can't believe I'm inside his asshole. And I'm supposed to be playing it cool," Fontana said.

Fontana says patients often come up to him and say how much they appreciate the patient-doctor relationship they have.

Fontana says many men have to endure a few unpleasant visits because that's just the price of getting a good physical and prostate exam.

Bruce visited Dr. Fontana because of a younger brother who died of prostate cancer.

Watch an old interview with Dr. Fontana with The Epoch Times.

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