Han Solo will be back at the helm of the Millennium Falcon later this year in Star Wars: Episode IX, and we're excited to finally see this latest re-boot.

He's young, daring, funny and has a famous, straight-laced partner. He's Finn, from The Force Awakens.

And according to some Twitter users, Finn and Poe are in love.

But don't get it twisted.

According to a statement by director J.J. Abrams from The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, and an interview with The Independent on Sunday, Finn and Poe are friends, but that does not mean they're boyfriend and girlfriend.

"They are best friends and then the triangle is a triangle, but they are best friends and then the complicated thing is their relationship," Abrams said in The Hollywood Reporter.

That would mean that Finn's (John Boyega) arrival on screen drew in Finn's teammate and lover, Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), because Finn's arrival drew in Poe's (Oscar Isaac) partner and lover because it's a complicated relationship.

So the implication being, if Finn and Poe were a better couple, they'd be boyfriend and girlfriend.

But of course this is pure speculation because it is Abrams and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan's statement, not a statement from Boyega or Isaac, The Guardian noted.

Still, it's not what we want to hear after four minutes of waiting.

So we called them up to get their version.

Boyega said he would love Finn and Poe to date, if only Finn had a different sense of humor.

"Finn has a terrible sense of humor. Imagine his reaction if Poe were to do that. That would be a real problem for Finn," Boyega said.

But we’re still guessing they're not dating.

Watching Poe as his partners reveal their romantic side and then come to Boyega’s defense is perfection. Poe’s physical resistance and Finn’s heightened levels of empathy win the day.