Stephanie Kelton, CEO of BabyCenter, is one of the most powerful women in Web media, responsible for turning the dating site’s estimated $145 million in revenues in 2007 into an $85 million annual household name today. But even a shrewd and successful digital businesswoman like Kelton is not immune to a bad hair day. In recent years, Kelton’s red-orange updo has left observers scratching their heads.

When pregnant Kelton was spotted in October at a U2 concert in New York, she made headlines because the heftiness of her bump was startlingly different from the slender figure she had been sporting at other events. “Who is this person?” an observer tweeted at the time. So what was Kelton’s secret? Two words: “the computer.” Kelton candidly tells Jane Leavy in the latest issue of Vogue about how she’s managed to get looks that women haven’t for decades (or at least decades past the age of 40). Her secret? Use that wrist-shaped hair hair drier and hairdryer. Kelton admits she “gets a lot” out of the gadget, especially at the gym. And even when she’s not facing the intense heat in the treadmill, her anxiety fades as much as 25 percent, she says. “The computers don’t know I’m pregnant,” she says. “They don’t see it. They know I’m still me.”

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