As we were watching white nationalists and gun owners waving around Pepe the Frog, we were not making a connection to Steve Bannon, Breitbart’s long-time executive chairman and current President Trump's advisor. Now we know for sure that we have made that wrong.

A site in Broward County, Florida tied to Bannon (along with two of his friends) are demanding to have Donald Trump state that the plane in which the pilot, the plane’s pilot, and his co-pilot are all quarantined is actually the same plane used by the Chicago Health Department.

From The Broward Crime Tracker :

Breitbart Broward Broward + Steve Bannon all show up today to help read into and sign the election petition of the Gudeman Revocable Trust of Catherine D. “Tori” Gudeman. This in support of (Sister) Mary Margaret Ambrozawa, (Tori) and (Tori’s) Willoughby Intermediate School, Inc., the previous principal. A Bond vote is scheduled for April.

The letter is petition on behalf of Tori Gudeman, to her from Sister of Mercy Damianita Harling, daughter of founder of St. Andrew’s Italian Catholic Church, through her book’s publisher, who she has written a book with.

The project was started by Jude Battaglia, a Breitbart editor-at-large.

Back in 2016, Bannon used a Florida law to get the Broward County Republican Party and WPEC-TV, the Spanish-language public broadcaster in South Florida, to serve as a channel for several inflammatory personal attacks on Bernie Sanders. Both WPEC and GOP used it.

The story starts after the plane was evacuated. WPEC reporter Thaddeus Burke reported that a pilot with the word "President" on his radio was undergoing precautionary quarantining.

The terrifying story about an infant epidemic involved false conspiracy theory on both sides. For over a year, the official government denied the virus was a flu. Back in February 2016, 8 babies died and 19 more were hospitalized, as reported by CNN. But the U.S. health department had never had a case of the Nipah virus of the kind in India. This was very misleading because despite the proximity of India to Bangladesh, the government of that country never reported the deaths there. This is confirmed in a report on BBC.

Meanwhile, gossip on the Twitterverse was ongoing that Democrats were using the virus to get Democrats elected.

As Breitbart as the last to report the story, the GOP media used the real news to go all out for an Affordable Care Act repeal. The blog celebrated the move as a victory.

Its editor-at-large, Jude Battaglia, made the following comment to us: