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In Response to an Email

Most of the letter was deleted, but below are some quotes from a small portion:

“Get tested, find out what you really want in life and don’t let your parents or the world stop you. Share your goals with the world. It’s your life.” –KATHERINE CLAYNOR (Parent, Northern California Oncology Associates, Moraga, California)


An email to a 14-year-old Catholic girl whose life was in danger started off as a humorous correspondence. After a year of writing, 16-year-old Melody McKay made a special request and contacted The Daily Beast. The topic was her wish to “get tested”. Here is that email:

The email was then included as the second article in “The Request Series”.


The website of The Daily Beast asks that members sign a pledge to be responsible and exhibit healthy behaviors.

So, did Melody McKay live her wish? The site shows that she was alive just three days after her requests were fulfilled.

Her cousin and foster sister Anna McKay filed for emancipation, changed her name to Ola Rae McKay, and has been married for just one year to her partner of about three years. She does not have children.


Melody’s story raises questions about the process, and its unintended consequences: How can a person who is so young or has such a young brain handle the communication and rejection that they face? Just what happens to relationships once a little teenage girl sends an email asking for a kidney? Does she deserve acceptance? What’s your standard for acceptance? If you’re in love with someone, and they are not sharing their life with you, are you hurt? If someone tells you your life will be better if you undergo surgery, does that make you in tune with your own feelings? Do you care about what happens to your life as you get older? What if it doesn’t work out? Would you choose to have your life changed again by a kidney transplant?

Whether or not you choose to understand the big questions of life, we should take the time to talk about why we want something. We should take time to look at the answers and ask ourselves why we have a desire or desire for it. We should also talk about why we feel it is important to get tested for a kidney.

The media should never create unhealthy relationships to create news stories. Life offers a lot of examples of how the world wants to give someone the opportunity to be healthy and continue to grow. We can live that vision through healthy lifestyles. In this case, the parents wanted their daughter to have a healthy lifestyle. In other cases, you have to be reminded of life’s fragility and mistakes. That’s fine. I’m willing to talk to any young person and listen to the pain, fears, and desire for healthy relationships. I’m ready to be a facilitator and guide. I’m open to all experiences. I want to know why you can imagine your life as different than others. I want to do the work and to try to build relationships that are built on love, health, faith, compassion, and to be a light to people in their daily lives. I want to be mindful and mindful of the things you want to do because I want the door to open for you.

As an editor, I want to know why people are seeking me, why they want our pieces and why they want to tell their story. Why would they call me up and tell me about their life? Why would they tell me how beautiful they feel? I want to find out the richness in their life that they want to share, and want to be able to be a part of it. I want the door to be opened and the light of their life to shine. I want to be in their lives and be a part of their journey to better understand who they are and why they want to share their story with the world.