Live in a big house? You can't leave the house unless you have a pass for remote-controlled toys, remote control cars, remote control vacuum cleaners, remote control snow blowers, remote control barber chairs or remote-controlled dockable cottages. Can you imagine trying to find any "real" material that you can leave the door open without frightening the neighbors? Talk about lost manhood!

Coughs. Breaths. Sighs. Grunts. Sings. And you gotta worry about needles.

I have a lot of fans of all ages. A friend asks me: "Is that a necklace that holds your shotgun? Okay, you're not the first person to collect animals, but it's an interesting experience."

I drive my "Robot" on many errands without injuring anyone. Isn't it exciting?

I'll get an in-person visit from a registered agent sometime this year. How cool would that be?

I collect small animals that make a lot of noise. I try to remember never to feed them the seeds I have accidentally dropped in my house.

I want to use a gas jet for a rifle. Give it a test at the shooting range and then we'll see. It'll make a lot of noise. Let's see what sound sources will make the best sound when firing.

If I had a basement, I would store snow blowers in our garage.