At least one of the campaigns on Wednesday to revoke — or at least weaken — Obamacare wound up losing its case. In the second contested state-level oral argument of the Supreme Court term, a group of plaintiffs won the argument for allowing Virginia insurance plans to offer contraceptive coverage without co-pays or deductibles, since the method is also available at public medical clinics and pharmacy-benefit managers.

In Florida, it went the other way. The plaintiff argues that state law requiring religious-affiliated hospitals and other organizations to provide certain health-care services, which also require insurance coverage, violates the religious freedom of the institutions’ representatives. Chief Justice John Roberts and the Court’s four liberal justices signaled to Florida lawyers that the logic of that argument is untenable.

Also Wednesday, Chief Justice Roberts issued a stern order to resolve the long-running case concerning the longstanding capital punishment ban. Last year, he ordered a stay so that the issue could be clarified in another case. He has now decided the capital murder ban is unconstitutional.