Every beer lover has the beer story that has stayed with them, inspiring them to create their own version. For Chef Laurent Gras of My Dirty Apron, his “snack beer” homage to chocolates is completely its own beast.

Mr. Gras told The New York Times Magazine: “I always thought that it would be cool to have a beer for a snack.”

That idea spawned No Chocoholic’s Beer, a deep, rich malt flavored with chocolates, nuts, and cream. The brand will launch next month with a variety of beers. The Choco version is complete with chocolate-drizzled ice cream and chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate ganache, and chocolate stout.

But if the premise of the beverage sounds simple, that’s because it is. When Mr. Gras and his team at My Dirty Apron start brewing they’ll use “a basic hop profile, then put in cultures of malts and yeast to provide the final brew.” Their methods, that most often revolve around used malt, make it sound easy — but every time he brews a different beer, the team is surprised by how complex it can be.

“We hope it becomes a crowd favorite,” said My Dirty Apron. “Somebody somewhere will want a flavor full of chocolate and sweet things.”