A Romanian couple entered and exited a liquor store in Rome, in the Spagna region of northern Italy, before they were shot and killed in front of the store. The area where the shooting took place is known for being a hotbed of drug trafficking. According to local television station News 24, the suspected gunman was dressed as a police officer and was carrying a weapon when he allegedly opened fire on the couple as they were walking in and out of the liquor store. The 69-year-old man was identified as Sebastian Cigala, while the 58-year-old woman was identified as his wife, Silvia. Both men were killed on the spot. According to reports, the killer was seeking the money that the couple were about to withdraw from the store. Smoke grenades reportedly caused the initial panic that led to the shooting.

The question of who was to blame remains unclear. Local media reported that the suspected shooter, Jose Magaluf, might have been involved in the drug trade before the incident, while others also noted that Magaluf is being investigated for personal matters, although he is not believed to be under suspicion in connection with the shooting. An anonymous passerby who witnessed the shooting told the Associated Press that Magaluf, wearing a policeman’s uniform, had walked up to the women and acted like he was going to take their money before he pulled out a weapon and opened fire. In addition, Magaluf allegedly approached Magaluf’s car, looking to make it appear as if there was a struggle for his weapon, which was later recovered by police. Some accused the killer of trying to make it look like there was a struggle.

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