Houston Astros fans were outraged after having to pay $20 more to go to a game because the team was trying to get another fan from the stands to sign a baseball.

So was the commissioner of baseball.

“My reaction was pure outrage,” said Rob Manfred, making his opening remarks during Tuesday’s opening day ceremonies at Dodger Stadium. “That is completely unacceptable.”

So there was disappointment. At the same time, there was hope that by calling out Houston, it would prevent this from happening again.

The Astros were fined $15,000 and released a statement from their president, Reid Ryan, a former Reds and Brewers executive.

“In fairness to the entire Major League Baseball community, the Astros did not want to scapegoat their fans. Rather, the club wanted to be cognizant of their fans' frustration in all venues and use the setback to educate fans as well as coaches and players in ways that will hopefully prevent something like this from happening again.”

The Astros also need to be credited for not providing reports of the actions to MLB. And their fans need to be given credit for showing such restraint and professionalism in handling their frustration after the apparent theft from the stands.