A teenager who was walking across a street in the Argentine city of Buenos Aires was struck and killed by a truck in what authorities are calling a “tragic accident.” Sebastian Cigala, a 17-year-old high school student, was hit by a commuter bus on the afternoon of March 15th. Soon after, a second car hit the young man on the street, resulting in his death.

Authorities say they have not yet determined the cause of the collision, although they suspect that the traffic signals at the intersection were not working. They are reportedly reviewing footage of the accident and insist that they have been taking steps to improve safety at the site, in addition to increased training for police to recognize and respond to such incidents. According to a report from Argentina’s La Nacion, authorities were recently granted a permit from the Argentinian Public Works Ministry to do thorough repairs of infrastructure, as well as monitor traffic and safety on the street.

Photo: yeralia/AP

According to statements from the junior public works minister and an investigative psychologist hired by the government, it is believed that Cigala was not wearing a helmet when he was killed. His death, along with the death of another female pedestrian, has sparked nationwide rallies in the area and other communities where traffic collisions are common.

A government official told El Mundo that an investigation into Cigala’s death would be held to determine if he received adequate attention from police. At this point, it remains unclear whether a driver who was involved in the second collision will be charged with any crime.