After their joint Lifetime TV interview aired, former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice were reunited in the desert for an Italian season of their infamous TV show and they shared some touching words about what happens when the cameras stop rolling.

"It's a different journey to let go, rather than to keep going forward," Teresa tells her husband about having to live a normal life.

"A bit, but not as much," she admits. "It's hard. We both say, 'If we can do this, so can you,' but it's not possible for our life. We’ve worked so hard, so hard at our life to get here and to keep going and it's just not possible."

While Teresa says she finds success away from the camera, Joe also recently resumed his job as a real estate agent.

"I’m not doing show biz, that’s what made us famous," he says. "My mom knows how to work it, she sells houses. … I had to go back to work so I can pay for stuff we need."

Watch the video above to see more from the reunion!