Image: Boots Riley/Twitter

For most of us, the 2010s were filled with meme culture. For those less on the same page, we're talking about the last seven years. In 2010, we celebrated "The Meme" as the name given to a portmanteau of two phrases: white guy/hipster, and America/hipster. Today we are more sure of the origin of this phenomenon, but we still maintain that a meme is a hybrid of two things. For some memes, it's a cultural reference that gets shared on Twitter; for others, it's just a quick set of words or images paired together. What we can agree on is that the memes of 2010 were both the viral hits of our generation and, at times, hurtful.

Not all of the memes featured in our top 100 were necessarily "taboo" or "downright rude." Some actually gave us some of the best pranks and jokes around the web. Even on years that some use meme culture to market their various products, there were enough gems of humanity in the digital outernet to keep us entertained all year.

As usual, it has been a fantastic year in meme culture. We've seen the evolution of previously meme-friendly personalities become major brands (such as Bobby Shmurda and Lil Yachty) as well as introduced new trends and figures to bring the popularity to a whole new level. While 2019 already looks like a banner year in viral culture, it's funny to remember just how rapidly the memes have evolved in the past few years. Consider this some last advice before you ring in the new year with a new meme.

Use memes sparingly, and only sparingly.