I’ve put together this list of the worst things on the internet in 2019 so you know who’s to blame. It’s 2019 and everyone is a complete . I am sure every parent reading this has read, seen or did some horrible thing to their child. Believe me, I’ve done it to mine. I’ve put everyone on the internet on notice. You might think I’m making fun of the worst people on the internet, but it’s actually me, and I would like to apologize to anyone I’ve hurt or offended.

1. Mark Zuckerberg is a Child Molester

Facebook owns Instagram so technically all of your posts end up on Mark Zuckerberg’s timeline and who cares if the CEO has anything to do with it all. Either way, Mark has embarrassed himself badly with these, and he deserves to be publicly shamed for that.


2. People Crying While Breaking Up

This has been going on since the late ’80s, which is a surprise to no one. You’re going to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re going to do that, it’s inevitable. Too bad all the media is trying to make it feel like it’s never ended before. Except it has. Time for people to stop crying on videos and finally get over this.

hola on YouTube

3. Dove Foods Porn Disclaimer

See “worst” #1, but make it one of the most depressing things on the internet because that’s exactly what this video is. Facebook is actually handing over a substantial amount of our personal information to business ventures because we can’t protect our own information. How do you do that? Just give more info to companies that already know we’re idiots.


4. Video Games Annoying People

I just had to include this one. I cannot go into another week without one of my colleagues gawking at video games because that’s just how horribly self-involved they are. That’s no wonder they’re a favorite pastime of the internet.


5. BuzzFeed Videos Making Sure You Never Sleep Again

Their “Worst Cookbook In The World” has a couple of videos on it, one is disturbing. Like, actually disturbing, like “If You Can Only Buy One Food Item, What Should It Be”. If you didn’t see it in your feed, that one probably exists. Really disturbing stuff. And yes, you have to watch that to comprehend it.


6. Burning Peoples Stuff

Did you know burning people’s things is a totally frowned upon, but totally common Internet move? No? Yeah, neither did I. I think I’ll have to move on from this list now. Thanks.


7. Every 1 O’Clock Comedian’s On Reddit

My daughter really likes Lady Gaga, so I thought maybe she should see how they act on the internet. So I took a YouTube video of her favorite star and I got you to tell Lady Gaga your opinions on her. This is called the best thing on the internet.


8. Teen Pregnancy PSA

Now there’s a .


9. This Is Harry Potter User Service

Interesting how Harry Potter never mentioned that you can get a picture of yourself or yourself shared on the internet. This could have been solved very easily in the novels. Harry Potter never seemed like a dirty word.

10. This Is Dinner

One day I’m going to have dinner that looks like this. I swear.


11. Riverdale’s Choice Discussion Group

You know those conversations on comment sections in podcasts and on live radio or on TV that are recorded and randomly put up on video without including any context for why you’re listening to it? Everything in the Riverdale video on Instagram is a comment. Not surprisingly the comments are just the same shitty thing just showing up for no apparent reason. You won’t get the reason. Do you really think Riverdale is that stupid?


12. This Is It (An Atlanta Ride Part 2 Video On Hulu)

An Atlanta video on Hulu that is not only begging to be spoofed but actually says there is going to be two more numbers that they’ll put up on the sequel. A. If that’s true, can we get them back in seconds? B. We really need to find this person making dumb comments because what the f***?