With 2019 upon us, so is the time to be thinking about that next big venture or that next great app idea that we’re going to use.

Whatever the online platform or application, whether it’s journalism, social media, or tech, we all want to be sure that we’re on the top of our game.

And if you’re looking for that, you’re going to find it in our list of the top 50 worst things on the internet in 2019.

What was up with this list? Well, in order to find out, we were shown a whopping 42,496 worst things on the internet.

So did we stay true to our own standards of it being inane, irrelevant, toxic, or just plain dumb? Yes, of course.

1. Twitter trolls

We can all agree that a lot of the online trolling on the internet is pretty intense, abusive, and the worst kind of trolling out there.

That’s all fine and well, but when the trolls turn up on your local coffee shop, it gets pretty sad.

2. AI baristas

There’s a restaurant in Washington DC called "Gold's Teeth" that offers smart baristas to customers who are in the same as their customers.

This is a pretty smart and innovative idea. Let’s hope AI won’t soon be offered in every airport lounge and bar across the country.

3. Pornhub's new analytics tool

Anyone can find porn on the internet, so how much of that is worth to you is not up to you. That said, it should be somewhere you can drop some cash.

Which is why Pornhub is launching an analytics tool that will tell you precisely how much is spent on your real-life porn-watching habits.

4. Tinder's new algorithm

Tinder is getting a new algorithm in the hopes of re-branding its network as a plus-dating app.

In other words, it wants to distinguish itself from the dating app graveyard (and its own mistakes of dating people who knew each other through college when they weren’t available for university dates).

Tinder is also doing more hookup-like stuff that’s, um, not appropriate for teenagers. Such as offering up more dating tips.

5. Trump memes

You may have heard about Trump Memes. Trump Memes. Trump Memes.

Yeah, there they are on social media, your timeline, in the real world. But honestly, how much you care about them is a mystery.

And why? Probably because they’re terribly stupid, and you can look like an idiot.

6. "Mom" fake news

When you’re looking to find a job or looking to find the girl of your dreams, this tip you may have heard from a recruiter a lot.

Fact: The average salary of a “mother” is nothing more than $50,000.

Other facts:

• Women tend to earn around 50 cents to the dollar of their male counterparts.

• In 1970, women were only paid around 61 cents to the dollar of their male counterparts.

• In 2017, women were paid 83 cents to the dollar of their male counterparts.

• While overall the wage gap between men and women narrowed by 23 percent from 1990 to 2017, the gap between men and women who are 40-years-old or older widened by nearly $1,000.

7. The "PSA" tax

This is another attempt by the government to tax you for your digital access to web content.

Similar to the "sales tax," which is pretty stupid because you’re essentially getting punished for purchasing something you could just as easily pay for offline.

The “PSA tax” will "require web browsers to charge websites and publishers a 5 percent tax on every single ad-sponsored link that they send to internet users," because if they didn’t send you an ad, then they don’t deserve a penny, even if you’re spending 99 cents to check out the movie trailer on your favorite site.

8. Trump tax cuts

Whether you like it or not, the Trump administration is pushing the tax cuts (approved by Congress during the 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) even harder.

So far, the legislation has not allowed a single working American a raise.

At this rate, we are heading toward a world where the 1 percent will slowly turn into the 0.00012 percent.

9. Trump and the revolution

A revolution is coming.

And in the years to come, it will overthrow all the people who aren’t cutting the cord to their cable box and organizing themselves to face the economic disaster that will befall them