The fallout from that awkward overnight fantasy suite date between The Bachelorette's Jordan Rodgers and recent runner-up Evan Bass continues as that one person everyone loves to hate (and associate with regret and heartbreak, even if they weren't actually in the Fantasy Suite with them) is fighting back.

And the man defending Madison is Luke P. Rodgers.

The two former Bachelors and current friends bonded over social media after Jordan beat out Evan for Becca Kufrin's hand in marriage. On the show, it was speculated by the audience that Evan and Becca were spending the evening together in a hotel after the show ended, when there was already a private door separating the two.

After the episode aired, Luke was unbothered and said this was all an act. That he and Becca were flirting after the show and she no longer wanted to be with him anyway. And that Jordan was just making that happen to get her to come back and actually spend time with him after the guys were all gone. It seemed like the fight was over by the time the episode aired.

But a week and a half later, Madison is still feeling the aftermath of the episode, and Luke is still defending her. He told a caller at his hangout Monday, "Hate to defend you girl, but the hotel door is not your body and you can’t get a window in a hotel room… That’s part of why you wanted to get away from the whole reality show thing."

He added, "Oh and by the way, she’s a wonderful person and she’s doing great… especially with the breakup thing, that’s one time she didn’t have to deal with being around. She could just sit there and sit and talk with me about how she really feels, you know?"

You heard Luke, stay strong, Madison.

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Back to Evan, he wrote a post to his Instagram of his ex-girlfriend and while he admits there were fights during their relationship and said it was a long-distance relationship, he does admit they had "consistent" communication. But he says he doesn't know why this happened now, and that the only reason that the incident happened is because it was filmed. He also says he has a good understanding of Becca's feelings and feels for her, adding, "My heart goes out to her as much as the next person in this situation. I just wish I didn’t have to go through it with everyone else watching."

And while some fans have defended Evan with the post and made him look good, Jordan is defending Madison too. He posted a screenshot of it to Instagram from which he took a screenshot and wrote, "I'm gonna leave this page alone."

It's a good thing too, because otherwise this would become yet another mean-spirited relationship story, as it was only when everyone else was going out that the lovebirds met, and it even was filmed. It's fair to assume the entire night was filmed and leaked unless Jordan and Evan were just lying about what happened.

If you've been watching for days or even years, this is nothing new for Becca, who went on the Men Tell All special to diss Garrett Yrigoyen, who was the biggest villain from the season to date. Becca has to put up with a lot on The Bachelorette, and you can expect a lot more to come out on the show's After the Final Rose special Sunday.

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Mondays at 8/7c.


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