In my home state of California, my friends and I have laughed at ironic claims that we’re all also J-Watches and MBAs. Joking aside, we’re typically more cognizant of where we’re from than where we’re going.

For me, travel just means joyous and expensive (and, admittedly, soul-crushing) trips to old haunts. After the flurry of work and fun, I drink. Mostly, I drink, and that has led me to drink and drink — from Dostoevsky to Stolichnaya and back to the bar again. So let’s go tour all the best bars and clubs on my island. No doubt you’ll find your favorite too. And with the bar minimum at $100 per person, plenty of pool tables and delicious food (or booze) to eat too, you won’t just be having fun, you’ll be $100 lighter in the wallet.

The first stop? Zorba’s Greek Taverna in Kolonaki. It opened in 1882 and was known as the “Little Greece” of Southern California because of the friendly wait staff. It’s run by the husband and wife team of Sarah Kurdoussis and Todd Matthews. All that sauce on the tables and baklava-in-resi owners these days? Not here. A hit for a while, in March 2018 it lost its prime spot in front of the Lighthouse, a cozy antique beach bar on the peninsula.

See you there.

Zorba’s Greek Taverna, 41 Kolonaki Pl, Kolonaki, Greece; +30 25 99 44 70 62

On my last trip to this island, I also went to Anvil, tucked down cobblestone streets inside the white seaside Yachael hotel. When we checked in I had a grilled olives and sun-dried tomato vinaigrette. It was amazing. The food here reflects the flavors of the country: everything is really good. But save a reservation! It’s always packed at weekends.

Anvil, Yachael Palace, 49/54 Tallidon, Greece; +30 73 1 993 4862

When visiting Kolonaki I also recommend Stavros Mylonas, an institution for 55 years. It’s on the small side, but the cocktails are delicious (plus I love the pies with goat cheese and tomato). And don’t forget to order it in a martini glass.

Mylonas Taverna, 8 Nemanko Boulogne, Kolonaki, Greece; +30 25 99 45 48 49

The storied Celler de Can Roca and Celler de Velasco de A Coruña also made the list. The Catalan racleggio served at Cantalino is a must-have in any bar. It pairs beautifully with the nightcap at Igregethea, and the pork version with cauliflower and tomato adds interesting notes to the table. A regular there is the good rosé — it just gets better with more time. And if you’re feeling adventurous, order the chicken hash with cherry tomatoes and harissa.

Cantalino, 25 Mounanada St, Kolonaki, Greece; +30 26 27 29 37 79

When you’re feeling fancy, what could be more festive than visiting lounges off the beaten path? Bar Libermani sits on the terrace of the bars on Lesiou Ave., an old building near the Bortolo. It’s the oldest bar in Kolonaki, and the owners serve a flavorful lemon meringue pie. Maybe take a moment to admire the neon sign, lovingly restored by a local entrepreneur.

Bar Libermani, Balamoglou, Lesiou Ave, Kolonaki, Greece; +30 25 93 01 06 16

New entry to the list: Cipolloni on Mykanos is not just the top restaurant in my hometown; it’s one of the top on the whole island, too. Follow our guide to the island to see why.

Cipolloni, 23 Mykanos Ave, Mykanos, Greece; +30 25 89 96 9 19

And, finally, wrapping it up: The best liquor in Greece is the good-old-fashioned champagne. They’re the ones with the corkscrews. Most tapas bars serve it for picnics too, so you can drink and eat all you want.