Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Liquid nicotine vaporizers are different from tobacco cigarettes. You can't burn up one and then either spit or smoke it for something else. You also can't just buy an unfinished, cigar-style version of a vape. This affects your choices.

These are the best mods currently on the market, and that's from a wide variety of shops and manufacturers. We've ranked them, for the convenience of everyone, then picked the best for you in the infographic below. Choose according to what suits your vaping preferences, whether you just want a big vape in your hand or need something to stay out of your mouth.


Vaping is completely new to anyone who hasn't done it before. Between the costs involved and unfamiliarity, some risks need to be taken to get the best products possible. Vaporizers are the first products to successfully bring many of these to light.

For the cheapest options on the market, we suggest checking if there are accessories needed. You can buy components to upgrade the product or to add accessories in later. You can buy adapters for accessories, everything from a backup pen to a rear tank and that's the minimum list.

For the best alternatives and lower-cost options, you'll have to look further. It all depends on what you're after and what you want to get out of your vape, but staying safe is paramount.