From the story of a New Zealand-based inventor, James Tumi Marzilli.

The best way to get fit (and stay fit) is to do everything at a smart pace.

Here’s my last-minute weight loss plan, laid out in just six minutes. You can do this with just one squat, only one lunging step or just one weight ball throw. To make it all easier, throw in the one less time-saving trick that I’ve discovered from physical therapy: practice.

Note: I stress that this is not a “10-minute weight loss” plan, nor will I ever attempt to get healthy by burning off abs after just a quick four-minute meditative workout. To my knowledge, no one has ever done an ab workout from this method before. But then again, no one has ever done a simple six-minute plan on the treadmill, either.

1. Squat:

2. Lunging Step (simple):

3. Weight Ball Throw:

I’m seriously, seriously sorry. I know. First, I have to pause because I want to thank you for not laughing. Sorry, old friend. I’m doing it for you, the reader. Don’t worry.

When in doubt, do all your jumping jacks on the treadmill, to ensure that you’re as conditioned as possible. Here are a few modifications that will add a little different motion to the exercises below. (Note: I don’t recommend the Chest and Abs stunt from the movie, because it was fun for the first four years and never used as a functional exercise ever again.)

1. Not doing any lunging:

Adding an extra stance to this exercise also adds a little speed. Thus the “Lunge” count can be reduced by a minimum of 20 percent. To begin the lunge:

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed out. Hold a weight ball about 4 inches above your head, on either side of your body. You’ll need a 5-pound weight ball in hand, to mimic a baseball.

Start your lunge at a crouching, shoulder-width height and extend your right leg in front of you, hip-width apart. Bend your knee and lift your foot off the ground so it’s right below your right ankle. Keep your ankle straight and the knee back straight. Return your foot to the ground, maintain a slight bend in your knee, and start again. Continue on this format, switching legs. Think of the two players in basketball.

When performing this exercise with only two people, the lunge can be completed in three or four minutes, so give yourself at least an extra five minutes between sets of this exercise. (If you have to, keep alternating.) (Start with the knees locked and switch legs after 30 seconds.)

2. Non-Lunging Lunge:

If you plan to, in your head, do a lunging lunge, I feel like we can shorten it by at least 15 percent. As in, if you have a ton of time on your hands, perform the lunge first, then do a set of lighter yoga like crunches. Imagine this exercise being a sandcastle, and do the little snowball attacks as you make the snowball.

Here’s a variation of the lunge:

Get back on your feet, hold a weight ball in one hand and a bit of a yoga ball in the other. And holding both weights, do a knee-lock. Try to hold the load evenly, so that you could easily do the lunge without lifting your foot more than a few inches. Take your foot off the ground as you take the weight off your hand, and make sure that your heel is under your knee. Take 3-5 steps and return to the starting position.

When you’re finished with the anterior and posterior lunge, you should have worked your hamstrings, lower back and core. You might also have developed some strong abdominal muscles.