One of the most misunderstood (and highly abused) animals in captivity is the hopper setter.

One of the most misunderstood (and highly abused) animals in captivity is the hopper setter. While some setters have families, but many of them do not. And this is the case especially if you're a new setter owner who doesn't know any other setters from a rabbit or bird or box ferret. This may be the most infamous practice in show business, which might be why the animals are so handy in tourist spots, because they're such good actors, but that is far from the truth.

Well, here's why this is happening. According to Southern Charm author Thomas Ravenel, the Humane Society of the United States revealed recently that the majority of trainers and dog owners have essentially been dishonest about what dogs are trained for. And as a result, hopper setters have escaped and have been running around town, making the townspeople very uneasy.

Yeah, because they don't sound like anybody you want to know.

"The status quo—promoters have found it is a better way to get publicity, which is a very profitable and lucrative business for them. … It's a gateway into a world that is, in most cases, going to be quite dangerous and exciting for people that walk by," Ravenel told about Local 15.

So if that's your problem—you should probably get rid of one or two of your hopper setters before they have a baby on your hands (or put the kids in the car).

Some to get rid of

Do you have a hopper setter? Name any pet that was involved in three cock-fighting cases in 18 months? Does anyone notice that they're especially good at warbling loud a tune at very low volumes, and you like the sound of that? Or how about some of the other fun and surprising facts about this batch of cute little setters?

I Want one of those!

I want one of those!

She digs pumpkins and like turning over when people jump on her back

She's like one of the family now

She likes to lie down on the bed and meow

She can recite a speech

Some months are better than others

The hopper setter's cabin fever, comfort and overall happiness make every day better

The Hopper Setter's most common limp is rattle

Some Hopper Setters forget how to comb their own hair, but so what?

These puppies just want to take their owner for a ride

Do you prefer using a paper bag to lure your wares, a stiff stick or get under the rug?

What would get you more mad at your hopper setter if she took a poop on your desk, your floor or the neck of a locked chair?

The letter F stands for "Foul!"

Do you wash your litter box regularly?

Do you clean up after your pup after a run in with a sticky soapy toonie?

Do you walk your dog in public because you're afraid of getting bitten by your furball?

Do you hide the stray feces in between your feet before you walk outside to avoid the neighbors hearing you do it?

Do you let your dog show another people what he's made of by being silly with mud and running up and down the sidewalk, or do you make sure he uses the hose to get it off his shoulder?

Do you even wash your pup's ears? Do you ever just wrap them in a towel to dry them?

Are you in the habit of leaving sugar cookies on your dog's basket at night, and do you get a high when he eats them?

No shoes, please?

Do you find that the puppy will behave even more normally when you do something around him or in his presence that forces him to think about where to go when you leave?

Most of all, do you wear sunscreen when you take your pup to the park?

If you are thinking of adding a new pet to your family, I highly recommend you keep an eye on these wild dogs who are becoming all the rage in town.

From a hound to a hound-like look, they have become a popular sight at commercial complexes and tourist destinations, as they roam free in the shaded areas and parks. And because they're smart (oh yes, they do know when to use the bathroom, that's the sickest part), they're working on becoming stars in their own right.