The most powerful, impactful, incredibly future-forward trend of our age is the Internet of Bodies. But what is the Internet of Bodies?

Think about an Internet of Bodies, think about what it will do for you. What you will be able to see, read and hear. What you will learn from what you see. What you will learn about what life is like. And what you will be able to feel.

In other words, you will be able to share, and communicate with anyone from anywhere on the world. What does that mean for our bodies? For our lives?

The first body part to go online will be your heart. The rest will follow. Because without your heart, your lungs, your skin and your circulation will cease to work.

Online you will be able to share health information with anyone and every device. You can tell a dentist or doctor to stop by your house and pay, or you can go online yourself, tell your doctor the things you have been seeing in your body, and have him or her consult the most up-to-date and reliable information, send you the latest news, and track the progress of your health.

People will live longer. They will live healthier lives. We will be able to see what our children have grown up to become, and what illnesses and diseases they have been fighting. We will be able to keep track of what our friends and relatives have been dealing with, and how they are faring.

We will be able to connect with people and organizations we know through just one stroke of the keyboard, and receive advice and support from them in return. We will be able to find out what the most powerful people and business leaders have to say, and to be able to hear it and to act on it. We will be able to become better human beings, achieving more.

A lot of this is something we’ve already been able to do. A lot of it is related to our smartphones. A lot of it is related to technology such as biometric medicine.

The future will be significantly different. Think about all of the medical information you currently need in one place. Use it to monitor your overall health. Seek help and information, and have the services and experience you can only find online.

Most important, share what you’ve discovered and personalize your experience online. Because on the Internet, there will be no more secrets. There will be no excuses. Everyone will know about everything and everyone else. And when you discover something, that you never thought was possible before, there will be no going back.

If you want to know what that is like, just imagine all of the material that could be shared. Imagine the insights, the knowledge, the skills, the connections, the connections made in what could be one place.

Technology will change our lives forever. When we use the Internet of Bodies, no one will stand in our way. They won’t even need to know what we mean. They’ll just be there, learning along with us. Because they are exactly what the Internet of Bodies is about.