Speaking for all people who have visited any drop-shipping’s fulfillment center, “Last.fm” was once a dorky but popular mobile app. Back in the day, I didn’t even know what a download was. I owned a Motorola cell phone and wouldn’t give it a try. I fell in love with Last.fm while flicking through episodes of Lost through my browser on a Saturday morning. Yadda yadda yadda, I used to upload a song playlist from Last.fm (I have no idea how that works, but hey, I’m not Big Bird). I used to think it was cool when my friends threw our hands up at the idea of dropping into a subscription box at my house. We all have to separate ourselves from the herd sometimes, right? Well, as the “official” Last.fm subscription site tells it, “we’re now dying.” We’re not.

We understand that Last.fm has become a brand that consumes companies big and small. Etsy. Whisper. BowTie. Yes, Last.fm killed Etsy, for example. But Etsy, you go away to Last.fm and you can’t even use last.fm anymore. Also, Etsy knows that this is a terrible fate for its most valuable asset. To combat this travesty of moral duty, Etsy has opted to retaliate by blocking Last.fm traffic to all accounts on Etsy.com. This move has, what Etsy calls, been “unceremoniously ignored.” Thankfully, Etsy has collaborated with other digital retailers to bundle Last.fm buttons into its many online shops. Users can still access the Last.fm product page.

Meanwhile, new sites like Shopifer have popped up to capitalize on Last.fm’s demise. Shopifer creates dropshipping boxes, complete with their own means of tracking and preserving data. It’s for people who have dropped out of other activities (in other words, no last.fm fans) but for whom looking for a convenient, quick way to drop their thing sounds like a perfectly reasonable question. It also appears to be an easily manageable, comfortable way to find a drawers of things without actually resorting to heading to a downtown mall to find stuff.

We strongly recommend you go and check out shopifer-developers.com and sign up for its Deep Library feature to gain access to all of these unique dropshipping services. They’ll get the door totally slammed in your face. They won’t stop. They’ll still be saying “you are hereby discontinuing services to Last.fm.” Yadda yadda, Last.fm still lives.