Strict safety regulations coupled with a desire to preserve competitive advantage has meant the new fuel-efficient turbocharged Trent XWB engines have been introduced so slowly that it took Rolls-Royce 25 years to hit its current output of around half a million.

To commemorate the milestone, Rolls Royce has launched a celebratory “Step Back into Triumph” digital campaign in two presentations: The Journey Through the Rolls-Royce: Technology of Invention, Spirit of Ecstasy and Innovation inspired campaign featuring interviews with four former engineers. There will also be an in-house video and a digital-only Instagram campaign called The Journey through the Triumph of this Engine.

Inspired by the work of Brian Bostock, the first high technology manager to work for Rolls-Royce when it was founded, The Journey through the Triumph of this Engine offers an idea of the transformation that a single engine or a three-mover can bring to an organisation. The journey, which led to advancements in combustion, reliability, efficiency and safety, also starts at conception and includes on-site exposure to companies like Siemens. Over the course of the campaign, the Journey through the Triumph of this Engine will also play out on a range of social media platforms.