The Masked Singer is diving deep into the past week as the deer and bull have revealed their identities. Their looks have been as unexpected as their names.

Last week, the deer revealed himself as Moose, with a stunning amount of security surrounding him as he revealed his identity. In his own weird and unique way, he said, "Welcome to my show." The other contestants went berserk as they watched him reveal himself. We will take it for what it is though. Moose is a cowboy from Texas with a huge grin, the most entertaining performer we have ever seen on the show.

As for the cow, we were instantly hooked. His back story and his singing skills blew us away as he revealed himself as male calico.

With his album on the horizon, as well as TV appearances and starting his own talent show - Bruno Mars would be proud. Check out his performances here.

Tonight's theme is “La La Land” which took us back to 2016. There were some amazing performances as all four singers on stage are from the United States and during the song, one of the singers went back to being Vanilla Ice.

Sunday night's show will show all of the singers were born before 1965, are men, and are from Oklahoma. The theme of the show is also California. After the performance, they will unmask their identities, once again. We know we are not alone!

Season Finale:

Episode 10 airs Sunday, Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. EST on FOX.