Make yourself look awesome no matter what your workday throws at you. 1. For men, these items just might help you feel at home in your own skin. 2. For guys, these picks will allow you to enjoy life and flaunt your best assets in the bedroom.

Fitted Suit : 2x Madewell

For the package deal: go for this suit, which made our Top 10 list. Keep the wide lapels intact and the 3-quarters length length sleeves

Body Jerk : 1x Rejina Pyo

For the self-body: switch to this body jerk to add a touch of spice to your warm weeks.

A Case of Brains: 1x Badger leather wallet

4 months: 8x-12x Badger wallet

This case is great for all practical purposes. It was designed by the famed British inventor and Badger's designer, Allan Clarke, the man responsible for Badger teddy bears and crosses. This wallet is made in America of American leather. And it has built-in card slots so you can be sure what you are carrying is the right kind of thing. This wallet is patent-pending and is already available.

Basic with Bass: 2x Tripple

2x Tripple Suit: this classic suit has a great full length cut. To compliment your shape, the jacket and trousers have high, just right length and make you look like you're not ashamed of the fact that you're a professional. 2x Tripple is available at most major cities and is also available in navy, black and red.

Dress Shirt: 1x Save This Shirt

2x Save This Shirt Suit: well, this suit has a nice shirt to add a bit of elegance to your look. Plus it’s made of great quality fabric and has a proportioned cut. It’s a great choice for when you are in need of a great shirt to complement your suit. Save This Shirt makes “making a style statement” happen. With their suit come slacks and shirts that are made to order, ordered online. At, an order of “your choice” of clothing, with up to six matching products is shipped within one business day or within two business days of ordering. Savings on fabric costs and shipping depending on the selection. Save This Shirt makes clothes easy and convenient. Each choice is from an exclusive, established supplier of historic quality American roots wear. The garments are all manufactured in the USA. This band of faith promises the finest of fashion through craftsmanship and integrity.

Before you make the decision of which brand suits you prefer, check the quality of the fabrics. Some brands have built a brand name on quality and a commitment to quality and to only make their best, most professional piece of clothing. This brand’s motto is “Measure twice. Cut once. Wear once.”

Tie: 2x Paul Smith

While taking up a shoe (no shoes necessary) may seem like a waste of time, the tie can make a very strong statement. Try the color, cut, button and bow selection as well as the collar - all of these matters can be considered when selecting the brand that suits you the best.

Beard : 2x Go Spa

To freshen up your look, the NY Post recommends the beard. Choose a style that is a balance between moustache and goatee - perfect for men who want to be on-trend with the latest men’s beard trends, as well as sport a less pronounced goatee. Go Spa make their products convenient and stylish - such as the Stylish Barbers and Captain America ranges.

Extravagant & Unique Neckwear: 2x Koehler

With your suit - whether it be with skinny jeans, a suit, black tie, shoes or sneakers - follow these fashion rules and notice how in polished, no-mess, perfectly put together, on-trend clothing styles and handbags, you’ll be the center of attention.