Dramatic hoax? (Illustration: C.Smith)

With the confessions of Twitter user now available on The Guardian’s website, we thought we’d dig up the most ridiculous claims by people on Twitter.

Among the ruses – including several about leeching, sexual arousal and God – there are those that have only now come unstuck, such as the time a man invented an affordable fountain pen.

Many of the claims were perfectly defensible back in the day. But here’s a collection of some of the jokes we can now laugh at – unlike the ones we laugh at, say, in school science lessons.

One , who put the extraordinary story behind , telling the Telegraph his great uncle got the idea for the “Microgun” while eating a Big Mac.

And while this plagiarising Internet juggernaut tells the Guardian’s Guido Fawkes magazine “Foebiggit! OMan! – this is perhaps my favourite favourite of the various Twitter statements I have made”, nobody was laughing back then.

“I was never f**ked up after speaking the word ‘universe’. Just before,” he says, with something of the self-deprecation of the infamous Mark Hambling.