The New Yorker may have just sent the internet into a frenzy.

If you haven’t been to “The New Yorker” website in a while, don’t worry, it’s back — by popular demand.

But, they’re also launching a special section on the site, called “The New Yorker Target,” that will be all about the nude advent calendar.

There, on select pages, will be an “envelope containing The New Yorker select the young male nude” in each of December’s issues. It sounds like much fun and sexual content, not to mention that the more nudity the more money they’ll make — and it’s all you have to do to enter.

In order to get your enter to, you have to follow a pretty simple Twitter feed that tells followers how to submit and they’ll figure out what you’re doing on the site later.

But how could you get the whole world to follow along with you?

Let’s consult the New Yorker’s news desk! There they have written a memo about the new section to Twitter, and it kind of just blew everyone’s minds.

“The announcement of this bonus feature is regrettably preceded by this account’s announcing this main New Yorker page (with a notable amendment) is returning with an ‘expanded suite of content from its distinctive voice and longstanding tradition of comment.’ (That would be your the word from the editors at least).”

So New Yorker is changing their website name to New Yorker Targets, and when you visit you’ll be greeted with a honeypot for readers hoping to submit.

There you will find the new section that’s “currently available in preview for the very best of funny, touching, and cathartic covers, and” and every page comes with an adorable image of the New Yorker’s mascot, Olive Oyl.

We wonder if they’ll have a nude-profile section for any of your favorite celebrities, too.

Yes, you read that right, please remember that The New Yorker is now going to let you take your photo of an actress in an intimate moment and put it on the page. Let’s wait and see!

h/t Raw Story